No Excuses

I have no excuses. Truly. I wish I had some pithy explanation for my blogging absence, but I really don’t. First there was the election, and then the holidays, and then in mid-February, an interior design project that took up all of my time for six weeks, and then a trip to the lake. That still doesn’t quite adequately explain it, though, does it? Just inertia, I guess. But I am back and I’ll try to stick around. 😉

Since I still have interior design on my mind, I just had to share this image of a doggy feeding station because it’s gorgeous. When it was published, some people questioned its practicality, but I think it’s both an attractive and practical solution to pet bowls in the kitchen. (The Vineyard Vines leash on the counter is a nice touch, as well.) Because even though one has pets, one still wants to be stylish!


The rest of this beautiful home can be viewed here:

Updates on Miss Aspen soon!


Doggone Politics


So on my newsfeed, this article from National Geographic pops up, informing me that today is National Dogs in Politics Day. Who knew? It’s apparently also referred to as Checkers Day after Nixon’s 1952 speech in which he denied misuse of funds and declared their pet dog, Checkers (a gift from supporter) was a beloved member the family and they were keeping him. The speech saved his candidacy and, whatever you may feel about Nixon, it may have been me of his more human moments in the public arena. The NG article also features several photographs which capture very sweet moments between presidents and their pooches. It’s nice to see a more personal side to some of our most public figures.

And speaking of public figures, our dogs can be actively involved in this year’s presidential election. These stuffed candidates allow your pooch to express their preference- or maybe their frustration?- with the impending election. Apparently, the Trump dolls have been selling at a much faster rate than the Hillary dolls. I think it may have something to do with the hair…


Keeping her guard up


We live on a rather busy street, and Aspen likes nothing better than to sit in the front yard, watching the world go by. She watches the cars and the buses and the bicycles and the pedestrians and, especially, the other dogs. She rarely barks, unless she thinks something is amiss, then she gives her big dog bark to alert us. She thinks it a very important job. And apparently, it can be very tiring, as well!


Canine Connoisseurs


I love art. Before that birth of my fourth child, I spent several years volunteering as a docent at our nearby art museum, and I’m hoping to get back into it now that everyone is off to school.  So when I saw this article, combining two of my loves-dogs and art-I just had to share! The exhibit, which opened in London late last month, featured art specifically geared toward our canine friends, featuring colors within their visual range and hung low at their eye-level. There were even interactive displays, including a ball pit and a car window simulator. Fun and creative, no? I’m hoping something similar comes stateside!

So what do you think? Do you think dogs can enjoy fine (or, in this case, fun!) art?


Farewell to Summer

imageI think Aspen thoroughly enjoyed her first full summer. We spent a lot of time hanging out on the deck…

imageadmiring the hydrangeas…

imagegoing for hikes in the woods…

imageand enjoying the sunflowers.

I am really sorry to see this summer come to a close. My second child is off to college (out of state), my third is off to high school, and the youngest starts kindergarten. Big changes for our family! At least I will have Aspen to lie under my desk and keep me company!