No Excuses

I have no excuses. Truly. I wish I had some pithy explanation for my blogging absence, but I really don’t. First there was the election, and then the holidays, and then in mid-February, an interior design project that took up all of my time for six weeks, and then a trip to the lake. That still doesn’t quite adequately explain it, though, does it? Just inertia, I guess. But I am back and I’ll try to stick around. 😉

Since I still have interior design on my mind, I just had to share this image of a doggy feeding station because it’s gorgeous. When it was published, some people questioned its practicality, but I think it’s both an attractive and practical solution to pet bowls in the kitchen. (The Vineyard Vines leash on the counter is a nice touch, as well.) Because even though one has pets, one still wants to be stylish!


The rest of this beautiful home can be viewed here:

Updates on Miss Aspen soon!


In the beginning…

DSCN2970If you are reading this, you are catching this story at the very beginning. Actually, before the beginning, as the main character of this story hasn’t even joined our family yet. But I am a big believer in getting the party started early. I picture this blog as an online scrapbook of this canine adventure upon which I am about to embark- a melange of amusing anecdotes, photos (I am a terrible photographer; consider yourself forewarned!), helpful resources, product reviews, and whatever I have found to make my life with Preppy Puppy easier and more enjoyable. But bear with me because this is all new to me, both the puppy and the blogging. As when starting anything new, there are bound to be some growing pains along the way but I’m happy to bring you along for the ride!