Down by the River Where the Green Grass Grows…

(Alternative title: You Dirty Dog!)

Since it was such a beautiful day yesterday (yay!!!) my daughter and I decided to take Aspen on a nice, long walk down by the river. On our way home, Aspen spotted this path to the water:


Apparently she thought it looked quite inviting because when I tried to continue down the walking path, she did this:


This is her new trick when she doesn’t want to go somewhere. She sits down and drapes her paw over her leash. That is her, “No, Mom! I don’t want to go that way!” signal. I told her I understood that as a retriever, she has an inherent love of the water, but that I have an inherent love of staying on schedule and we really needed to be getting home. Well, Aspen’s an adaptable dog. If she couldn’t go in the river, I guess she figured she’d have to make do with this:

IMG_0812By the time I got her out and home, she looked like this:

IMG_8318Memo to self: Next time, just let the dog go in the river. It will save you time in the long-run!


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