A Sunshiny Day


Here in the Pacific Northwest, it has been wet. Really wet. Like set-all-kinds-of-records kind of wet. But yesterday, the sunshine finally came out and we were over 60 degrees, so I took Aspen for nice, long, well-deserved walk. We went along the riverbank and unfortunately, I forgot to snap a photo there, but did take this one near campus. I think Aspen is about as excited to see the sun as I am!


No Excuses

I have no excuses. Truly. I wish I had some pithy explanation for my blogging absence, but I really don’t. First there was the election, and then the holidays, and then in mid-February, an interior design project that took up all of my time for six weeks, and then a trip to the lake. That still doesn’t quite adequately explain it, though, does it? Just inertia, I guess. But I am back and I’ll try to stick around. 😉

Since I still have interior design on my mind, I just had to share this image of a doggy feeding station because it’s gorgeous. When it was published, some people questioned its practicality, but I think it’s both an attractive and practical solution to pet bowls in the kitchen. (The Vineyard Vines leash on the counter is a nice touch, as well.) Because even though one has pets, one still wants to be stylish!


The rest of this beautiful home can be viewed here:  http://bit.ly/2mTw5wm

Updates on Miss Aspen soon!