Doggone Politics


So on my newsfeed, this article from National Geographic pops up, informing me that today is National Dogs in Politics Day. Who knew? It’s apparently also referred to as Checkers Day after Nixon’s 1952 speech in which he denied misuse of funds and declared their pet dog, Checkers (a gift from supporter) was a beloved member the family and they were keeping him. The speech saved his candidacy and, whatever you may feel about Nixon, it may have been me of his more human moments in the public arena. The NG article also features several photographs which capture very sweet moments between presidents and their pooches. It’s nice to see a more personal side to some of our most public figures.

And speaking of public figures, our dogs can be actively involved in this year’s presidential election. These stuffed candidates allow your pooch to express their preference- or maybe their frustration?- with the impending election. Apparently, the Trump dolls have been selling at a much faster rate than the Hillary dolls. I think it may have something to do with the hair…



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