Keeping her guard up


We live on a rather busy street, and Aspen likes nothing better than to sit in the front yard, watching the world go by. She watches the cars and the buses and the bicycles and the pedestrians and, especially, the other dogs. She rarely barks, unless she thinks something is amiss, then she gives her big dog bark to alert us. She thinks it a very important job. And apparently, it can be very tiring, as well!



4 thoughts on “Keeping her guard up

  1. Hi Aspen,
    Keep up the good work of letting your family know when something is up! It is a very important job!
    ~nose nudges Bess Pup.


  2. Sounds like you are a great watch dog, Aspen. Tippy only barks if something is amiss too. Love the bottom picture! I think she is trying hard to NOT go to sleep on the job. 😉


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