Happy National Dog Day!!


What a fun thing to celebrate! You know, I always knew that I loved dogs. I always had dogs growing up and I am one of those people who has always had to stop and pet the dogs while out for a walk, but I never realized until this dog just how much I love dogs. She is pure love, and only asks for food and tummy rubs in return.

Here she is out on a hike we took this morning to celebrate National Dog Day. She loves to tilt her face up to the sun and make this face. Of course, living in the Pacific Northwest, we do tend to appreciate our sun more than most! Having her has made this summer just that much more fun. I will post a compilation of our photos and adventures before the season is out.

Also to celebrate National Dog Day, this fun little collection of some of the most adorable dogs on the planet:

11 dogs who are definitely better than humans because #NationalDogDay

So to you dog owners out there, do you do anything special to celebrate National Dog Day with you favorite furry one(s)?



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