Gingham Style

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I love summer. I love everything about summer. I love the long sunny days, the warm evenings, days spent at the pool, nights listening to crickets, barbecues, beach balls, fresh fruit from the farm stand, all of it. And one of the things on that summer love list is gingham. Gingham always looks fresh and summery and all-American to me, so in honor of the “dog days” of summer, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gingham finds!

Gingam Dog Collar

Gingham Dog Toy

Gingham Dog Leash

Gingham Dog Bed

Gingham Dog Bowl



Happy 1st Birthday, Aspen!



I really can’t believe that’s it’s been a whole year since I received the email from Aspen’s breeder that her litter had arrived. What a fast year! I also can’t believe how much love, laughter, and yes, hair, this furry girl has added to our lives. She is such a sweet, smart, loyal dog. We love you to pieces, Aspen, and here’s to hopefully many, many more birthdays to come!

Cabin Recap



Well, we are back home now with treasured memories of our month at the lake. It was on this trip that Aspen (at first a bit tentative around water) learned to swim like a champ, but later discovered that getting taken for a ride on kayak is even better!



And Aspen pen had a very important job guarding the cabin against strange dogs, wily cats, raccoons, possums, and one very large, lumbering bear.

Aspen, the guard dog

And she had to make sure Dad grilled the burgers just right!


We not only enjoyed our lake time, we loved watching Aspen enjoy it, as well. She has definitely added a new dimension to the experience.

As hard as it is to believe, she will be turning a year old this weekend. We’ll be share to share the milestone with you!

Back Where We Belong…


(in more ways than one!)

The last couple of months were a whirlwind! Just when Aspen and I got to feeling better, work got crazy and we briefly thought we might be moving, so most of my online time was spent on Zillow and Once we got through that phase, we were in the end-of-the-year, madcap season of last recitals, class picnics, concerts, sharing days, etc., etc. We had one “graduate” from preschool, one graduate from middle school, and one graduate from high school, with all of the accompanying parties and out-of-town company. It was a bit nutty, to say the least.

A few days after that wrapped up, we again packed up the car within an inch of its life and headed down to our beloved lake house. We have been here two and a half weeks, and accomplished a lot of remodeling, painting, and decorating in that time. Our spring flood kind of forced that issue! But in between the dusting and stubbing and sparkling and painting, we’ve managed to have some fun, too. And Aspen? Life is always fun for a golden retriever! She has even learned to swim (which actually took some doing since she’s not the bravest thing in the world).


I’ll try to post photos tomorrow. The Lake┬áreally knows how to do the Fouth of July up right!

It feels good to be back- at the lake and on the blog!