Getting back on our feet

imageSo the furry girl and I are finally doing better over here, but boy, did we have a couple of rough days! I battled that weird flu-like bug all last week, and since Aspen’s vet was had to reschedule her spay surgery from the obvious week, she went in on Thursday, high was pretty terrible timing. We brought her home Thursday afternoon, but she ended up having a terrible reaction to the anesthesia and was one very sick puppy for the next couple days. We had to take her back in and pump her full of IV fluids because she couldn’t keep anything down. After a couple of long days and sleepless nights, she turned the corner and is now mostly back to her old self. Hopefully there won’t be many surgeries in her future, but now we know if she needs to have anesthesia again to leave her under vet observation and on IV fluids for 24 hours, knowledge hard won!


We have also discovered, through a lot of trial and error and gastrointestinal upset, that Aspen has a poultry allergy, which is kind of ironic since retrievers are supposed to retrieve waterfowl. I guess it’s appropriate, though, since my husband and daughter also have food allergies, so it apparently runs in the family. 😉 I have been telling her it’s a good thing she got us as a family, as we are willing to accommodate her rather delicate constitution!

So now if we can just get her healed up and keep her away from chicken, we should be all good!


2 thoughts on “Getting back on our feet

  1. Poor Aspen and poor you! Glad you are both on the mend! I remember our first goldie when she got spayed had a bad reaction to anesthesia too. She luckily never needed another surgery though. She was Aspen’s color (I think an English Goldie?) and Aspen reminds me a lot of Em!


  2. I try to keep our GSD away from chicken as well – her ears cleaned up almost immediately after we switched her to a different protein. My suggestion is to always read the label – you’d be surprised to see just how many treats and foods contain chicken! Even if that isn’t the “flavor”!


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