Good things come in small packages!


IMG_5815So we took Aspen in to the vet a couple of weeks ago for her 6 month check-up. And she weighed in at a whopping…31 pounds. And the vet doesn’t think she is going to get much bigger! Now, we very specifically chose the runt of the litter because we wanted to be able to take her on road trips (Our first one is next week! Stay tuned!) and we thought it would be easier fitting four kids and a dog in the SUV if the dog were on the smaller side. Well, we certainly accomplished that! I have been stopped by half a dozen people the last couple of days alone asking what kind of a dog she is because she doesn’t look like a puppy so much anymore but she is so petite, and while she does look like a golden retriever, many people are not familiar with the English Cream version, so her coloring throws them off as well. We joked that we should use her to start a new breed of miniature golden retriever!

We’ll just call her fun-sized!


2 thoughts on “Good things come in small packages!

  1. 31 pounds sounds heavenly! My husband pulled his shoulder lifting Bailey at 112 pounds into the tub for a bath. Next house that we build will have a walk-in shower. Love Aspen’s colourings.


  2. She really is the perfect size for us. We actually forfeited our deposit on a puppy before her because when we went to visit and met the parents, we discovered the dad was a 98 pound beast! Absolutely gorgeous, but huge!! It was so easy to lift her in and out of her travel crate yesterday. But I do think her size and coloring leave people baffled as to what breed of dog she is!


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