Ode to the Big Dog


In honor of New Year’s and being in a somewhat celebratory notion, I offer to you “Ode to the Big Dog,” courtesy of The Official Preppy Handbook:

While by the fire, sipping grog

I stroke the warm back of our dog;

She is no simple mutt; for me,

This creature nears the deity.

No names like Champ or Rex or Spot

Our dog is never hot to trot

She ambulates with arrant glee

Befitting noble pedigree.

A wondrous hound with flowing mane

A Lab, a setter, a Great Dane,

This canine I bequeath to thee

Who laps not water but Earl Grey tea.

And raised on victuals of great fame-

No Ken-L-Ration Gravy Train

But weaned on shrimp, Coquilles St. Jacques,

Pheasant-aspic and veal stock.

And girded thus with finest things

In gladful howls our beasgt does sing

Rejoicing of its canine creed

Adopted child of the nobler breed.

Wishing you and your furry ones all the best in 2016!


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