Thanks, Noodle!!



Wow! I am so honored to have been chosen by The Adventures of Noodle to receive a One Lovely Blog Award! I still feel really new to this party and still feel pathetically challenged by such things as learning how to make live links, but I am loving this little community I have found here and really enjoy sharing my experiences with Aspen with all those who are interested.

So as part of the award, I am to share 7 facts about myself:

1. In addition to my new fur baby, I am the mother of four (no second marriage involved), ranging in age from 4 to almost 21- which means that I am kept on my toes every single day!

2. Originally, I was in school to become a lawyer, but ended up becoming a full-time mom instead and have never regretted the decision. I now run the financial side of my husband’s graphic design/advertising firm and take on interior design projects as time allows. Which mostly, it doesn’t.

3. I am very technologically challenged. I joke that I got married so that I wouldn’t have to clean out the gutters of figure out the computer. Therefore, this whole blog thing has been a challenge, but I’m learning…slowly!

4. I called my blog the “Preppy Dog” because I love all things preppy- from monograms to madras- and happen to live in the hippie capitol of the United States. It’s not easy.

5. I also live in an area of the United States that receives a considerable amount of rain, and I hate rain.

6. Getting a puppy was an extremely unlikely event for our family. Those who know us, still cannot believe we did it. We have an extremely busy life, travel often, have a house full of glass tables and white furniture. Not to mention the fact that my husband isn’t really an animal person. But one of our interns for our business showed us a photo of her beloved English Cream Golden Retriever, and just like that, my husband and I turned to each other and said, “That’s our dog!” So after researching breeders and waiting patiently, we brought Aspen home 5 months later.

7. I never thought I’d be a crazy dog person, but I am crazy about this puppy. She has not chewed anything she wasn’t supposed to chew (other than a dining chair leg, but that was just one time), she is so incredibly sweet to our 4-year-old, who loves to give her *ahem* “hugs”, and she forces me to get outside and get exercise even when the rain won’t stop. She’s the best.

Now my turn to nominate other blogs. In addition to adorable Mr. Noodle, here are some of the blogs that have been an inspiration to me the last 6 months:

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The Fine Print for the Nominees:

1-Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog in the post.
2-Copy the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
3-Share 7 facts about yourself to your fellow bloggers.
4-Then nominate up to 15 people.

Thanks again, Noodle!!



Happy Unbirthday, Aspen!


(“I can’t believe you are making me wear this ridiculous hat, Mom!”)

Aspen turned 6 months old today! Which means we’ve almost had her for four months, and that is really hard to believe. Can’t imagine our lives without this little lady!

Friday Outing

The rain finally stopped long enough for a little outing- to the bank:


(Have you ever seen anyone so happy to be at the bank before? You have to love Goldens; every day is a party!)

and to Starbucks for a well-deserved puppuccino:


(One happy dog!)

Happy Friday!



“Always expect the unexpected…

…and the unexpected will never happen.”

I read or heard that quote forever ago, who knows where, but it always stuck with me. Of course we can’t always anticipate all the variables in life, but being prepared is a worthy goal. One of my New Year’s goals, in fact. (I don’t like “resolutions”- I always feel like I’m setting myself up for failure!) In terms of our new little fluffster who has joined our family, I am working on organizing a first aid kit so that I am ready for anything that comes our way. With four kids, we have had our fair share of E.R. runs and keep a fairly well-stocked emergency kit, but there are a few doggy-specific items one should keep on hand. Both of these links have lists of items that you may not have thought about, which I found helpful and hope you will, too. After all, when it comes to our furbabies, no one wants to have to say, “Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve…”


Sad Puppy

So I had to be out of town for a few days to take my son to visit colleges, and while gone, I get this via iMessage from my daughter:


Between the remaining three kids, my husband, and the puppy, I think it’s safe to say the puppy missed me most of all!


Sun to Snow

DSC00557 2 (1)

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day (the first in quite awhile!) and with the boys on Christmas break, we decided to take Aspen on her first little hike. Since she’s still so young, we didn’t go far, but we have a wonderful, natural park with lots of hiking trails just up the street from our house and thought that would be a good place to start. She loved it! So many new smells and things to explore!DSC00575(Her regal pose)

Less than 24 hours later, however, we awoke to this:



(“What is this stuff falling from the sky?”)

In true retriever form, Aspen spent the entire day trying to eat it, thinking it was the world’s biggest slushie. She can make the best of any weather!