Starbucks Pup


Well, here we are, just a few days before Christmas, and I am still trying to knock this bug that I’ve been fighting since Thanksgiving. Which means that I am behind on everything, not least of which is this poor little blog. Normally, I have all of my presents wrapped, cards mailed, and have baked my way through 8 pounds of butter by now. Well, this year, I still have presents to wrap, cards to mail, and just baked my first batch of cookies yesterday. Oh well!

I did manage to get the pupster out for a walk today, though. She proudly pranced her way through town in her new jingle bell collar and Vineyard Vines leash. We headed to Starbucks so I could enjoy a chestnut praline latte (for medicinal purposes only) and she could experience her first puppuccino. As you can see, she loved it!


I promise I will be back tomorrow with the cutest DIY puppy Christmas project idea!


Woof Party

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.19.38 AM

My apologies for being AWOL lately. A sprained back and a bout of pneumonia has made it challenging for me to keep up with four kids, a puppy, and running a business, let alone this sorry little excuse of a blog. That said, I am sharing this story from our local hospital with you because it’s a feel good story. And if ever there were a time when we need to hear about some good things in the world, I think it’s now. Enjoy, and I hope to be back later this week with some gift and DIY ideas for our furry friends!