The Day After

DSC_0429Apparently puppies are also susceptible to tryptophan-induced food comas!


Happy Kukur Tihar!


We were all horrified when we heard about that Yulin Dog Meat Festival (awful, awful, awful!) so when I heard about the Nepalese Dog Festival, it was a nice counterpoint. The festival of Tihar involves a larger, multi-day celebration, but the second day- which happens to be today- is Kukur Tihar, recognizes and worships dogs. (I’m pretty sure this festival is celebrated every day here!) The dogs are honored with special markings, garlands of flowers, and offerings of special food. The whole idea makes my heart happy!

Here are a couple of links to articles with gorgeous photos if you want to learn more:


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Scratch & Sniff


Anyone who has a furry friend can attest that indeed, scratching and sniffing are two of their favorite pastimes. Perhaps that is why I found this so funny- a scratch and sniff book for dogs as part of a holiday marketing campaign for The Honest Kitchen! Apparently it’s being given away at pet shops nationwide. Too bad I can’t just order one (or several!) online! Fun, nonetheless! Only, how do you keep them from trying to eat the pages? Hmmm…

Fun Finds

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I love anything nautical (very preppy) and I also love the products over at Harry Barker, so this gift basket to me is a total win. The bucket can even be personalized with your favorite furry friend’s name! An added bonus? A portion of the proceeds will go to support Mote Marine Laboratory in their mission to protect the ocean and its future, so consider it your good deed for the day. I’m tempted to order a couple to stash away in my Christmas gift closet!

Find it here: