Pho”dog”raphy- Part II


Taking good photos of dogs is difficult. Most of my photos either show a light-colored, fast- moving fuzzy blur or are smeary from doggie snot on the lens. The above photo is a prime example. There are some who have a gift, however, and two of them are Jessica Trinh and Clarissa Medicke. I must warn you that most of their photos are of Golden Retrievers, to which I am, admittedly, a bit partial, but I think their photos are inspirational to anyone who loves our furry, four-footed canine friends.

Jessica Trinh is a 20-year-old photographer (How did she get that good by age 20??) who started by taking photos of her dog, Chuppy, a Golden Retriever. Chappy has since passed away, but she currently has Kodi (another Golden Retriever) and Daisy (an Australian Shepherd) in her life. Her photos have a spirit and a luminous quality that I find incredible. Gorgeous!


Similarly, Clarissa Medicke is a 26-year-old graphic designer from Austria who began taking photos of her first dog, an Australian Terrier named Kiwi, when she was 13. Later, Lia (a Golden Retriever) came into her life and, thanks to a friendship with a Golden breeder, they are the main subject of her photos. Again, her pictures seem to capture the spirit and personality of each animal and are just beautiful.


I know from Pinterest and Instagram that there are many more talented photographers out there. If you know of others, please feel free to tell me about them in the comments!


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