What’s in a name?


Given the difficulty my husband and I have naming things, apparently everything. And this puppy is no different.

With our firstborn, after months of deliberation, we managed to come up with a boy name and a girl name. Well, she was a girl. Done. The next time around, we were lucky enough to have a boy, so we used the boy name we didn’t use the first time. Easy enough. My husband thought we were done. Well, when number three came along, we had already used the only two names we could agree upon. We were stuck. The poor little lad wasn’t names for the first nine days of his life (and granted, we knew he was a boy five months before he was born). It took nine days. To name him John. So by the time we got to baby number four, I thought I’d make it easy and told my husband he could name her. But I forgot about the middle name. That took two weeks of negotiation following her birth. And now we come to our four-legged baby.

Naming a dog is not much easier- the name needs to be easy to call, unique but not odd, and with enough gravitas befitting a Preppy Puppy. Here is the list I have compiled:

Addison, Ainsley, Allie, Aspen

Banks, Bauer, Beamer, Beau(regard), Beckett, Beckham, Belvedere, Benson, Bentley, Bogard (Bogey), Brie/Bree, Brinkley, Britt, Brynna

Captain, Cassie, Choe, Clipper

Dash, Deuce, Dexter, Duke, Dutch

Ella, Emory

Finn(ley,- egan), Fletch(er), Forbes, Foster

Gatsby, Gibbs

Hadley, Harlow, Harper, Higgins, Hudson

Jack, Jeeves

Keaton, Knox

Lauren, Lexi, Libby, Lilly (as in Pulitzer), Logan

Mac, Maddy (Madison), Maggie, Maisie, Marin, Millie, Monty (Montague or Montauk), Moseley, Murphy

Parker, Pippa

Reese, Ryder

Sawyer, Saylor, Schooner, Schweppes, Scout, Scupper, Shep, Sloane, Sperry

Tagg(art), Thatcher, Townsend, TR, Trigg, Tripp

Vesper, Victory (Ronald Reagan’s golden retriever)

Whitney, Whitt, Wilson

All those names, and we still can’t agree. Please, please make any suggestions, otherwise this beautiful little puppy may end up being called “Dog.”


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