(Trying to) Fall in Love with Fall


Well, the Country Club pool closed for the season on Sunday and I packed up all of the water wings and kick boards yesterday, trying not to allow myself to sink into a funk. I live for summer. I, sadly, spend nine months of the year waiting for those glorious three. It might have something to do with the fact that in my part of the world, the rain starts the end of October and sometimes doesn’t end until the end of June. Since we are officially in a drought of late, however, I can no longer begrudge the rain. So I am trying to embrace fall in all its glory. I like to say that all of the things I do like about fall begin with “P”- plaid, pumpkin (bars, mochas, pies, anything), and pigskin (football).

This board from Mungo & Maud visually summarizes many of the the best things about fall. Especially that mint scented football! Too cute! Find it here:


Other fun fall finds?

This classic plaid harness from none other than Brooks Brothers:



Or this plaid bed with cozy berber on the reverse side:Plaid Pillow Dog Bed with Berber Top3


And how about this fun little guy?



Let me know if you have discovered other fun fall finds for our furry friends!

Maybe fall isn’t so bad after all!


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