Our New Baby


So it is now official! We have bought a puppy!! The cutest, sweetest, most adorable little fluffster ever! She is from the “English Royalty” litter from Caledonia Kennels. I thought we were getting a huge boy puppy from the coast. We are now getting a dainty little girl from the mountains, which is totally throwing me because I already had a clear mental picture of our strapping Preppy Puppy and I am having to reprogram my brain, though I should be used to this by now. When predicting the sex of each of my four children, I was wrong. Every. Single. Time.

After a lot of consideration, we decided that the puppies from the first litter we had put a deposit on were simply going to be too large. The parents were gorgeous and sweet, but the dad was a whopping 95 pounds (!), and mom was smaller, but still pretty darned big. We have a fairly good-sized yard, but not acreage, and since we envision loading the dog into the car with the kids and heading to our lakeside cabin, we need a dog who doesn’t take up the entire SUV. So, we decided to look into other options. So, we drove an hour and a half to the foot of the Cascade mountains, to a beautiful farmhouse in a picturesque setting, and met the nicest family. They run a very small breeding program in which, according to their website, they “strive to raise healthy, happy and well socialized puppies and are committed to finding them each perfect homes.” And I have to say, they have the most well-run, spotless, high-quality kennel I have seen. I am pretty sure their dogs eat healthier than I do. The breeder, Gracie, had picked out the calmest four of the litter, which she put into a separate pen so we could interact with them. One little girl- “Diana”- caught the eyes of the boys right away. She was laid-back, calm, sweet, and the dainty little runt of the litter. Doggy mom and dad were both much more reasonably sized, very friendly, and laid back. So even though I still kind of had my heart set on Mr. Blue out of the first litter, everyone fell in love this little miss. We will be bringing her home in three weeks.


If interested, check out Caledonia Kennel’s website here:



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