Pound Puppies

Some of you reading this (if, in fact, anyone is reading this!) may be wondering why I have chosen to go the purebred route when there are so many wonderful dogs languishing in shelters. (Or maybe that’s just my own guilt talking!) There are pretty strong feelings on the subject, and I get it. I get it better than most, actually. As a teen, I volunteered at our local humane society and I carried animals into the euthanasia room and stroked their fur as the injections went in. It’s horrible. I have also worked at a plastic surgeon’s office and have seen the aftermath of dog bites. That can be pretty horrible, too. Since I have a 4-year-old who seems to think that her sole purpose on this earth is to love everything and get love in return, she approaches every dog she sees as her new best friend and leads with her face. We are working on this-trust me-but in the meantime I have to do what I can to protect that sweet face. In fact, our local golden retriever rescue organization won’t adopt out to families with children under 10. Someday, I would really like to take in a rescue pooch. Truly. It’s a great thing and I have admiration and respect for all who do, but my turn is going to have to wait a bit longer. And since I have not owned a dog for a good many years, I figure  it may be better to make all of my mistakes on one that at least has the benefit of a good start and will hopefully be more forgiving of my rookie fumblings.


One corporation that is doing its part to help shelter dogs is Orvis. They provide animal care grants to Petfinder to “help support dog adoptions in a positive way” and currently have a program to match customer donations. Go here to find out more:


They also have a fun blog with many interesting and feel-good dog stories here:


Way to go, Orvis!


2 thoughts on “Pound Puppies

  1. I also volunteer in a shelter, and my brother’s dog is a rescue (we couldn’t love him more!!), but I think that people need to do their research more. People make snap judgements when they don’t know the whole story- you wanted a specific trait in a dog (child friendly), and getting a purebred Golden Retriever doesn’t 100% guarantee it but it’s incredibly likely! I’m excited to hear more of the story!! x


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