A Preppy Pet- Ask the Experts

Why a preppy puppy, you may ask? (Which you probably are not, but let’s pretend, shall we?) As a child of the 80s, I grew up with Ronald Reagan, Pretty in Pink, and polo shirts with popped collars, and never really let go of the preppy ideal. There were problems then, sure, but in my nostalgic musings, I prefer to remember it as the age of idyllic preppiness. So for my little four-legged friend, I envision plaid collars and many sunny afternoons of fetching tennis balls at the Country Club.

So, of course, when contemplating a preppy pet, I consult the bible of all things preppy, The Preppy Handbook:


“Having the right pet is as important as having the right polo shirt- and the true Prep pet is the dog.”

Lisa Birnbach

And similarly, in an article titled “Your Cheat Sheet to Preppy Style” from the Washingtonian:

“Accessories no prepster should be without:

Women: large sunglasses, a piece of family jewelry, and a dog (any kind of retriever or hunting dog will do).”


The Huffington Post has also chimed in on the subject:

Dogs are preppy, cats are not. Preppy dogs do not hang out in bags. Nope. Not even a vintage Dooney and Bourke bag. Usually, they are too big (the dogs, not the bags). If they are small, they are scrappy. Preppy dogs are never dressed in silly outfits nor do they have collars with rhinestones (a needlepoint collar is swell, a stitched leash even better). Admittedly once in a while put your ray bans on them for a quick chuckle. As with children, teach dogs to swim when they are young, so they can play in the waves with you at the beach or join in on a family sail. They are often named after some iteration a cocktail, such as Kendall, Swizzle, or Hops.”


As for breeds? Well Town & Country magazine has solved that conundrum for us with their helpful list of the 12 preppies dog breeds:


So there we have it! Man’s best friend also doubles as the ultimate furry preppy accoutrement!

P.S.- Happy National Dog Day!! (Yes, that really is a thing!) In honor of the event, Mark &  Graham is offering 15% off all pet items with the promo code PAWTYFAVOR!



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